Pro Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Saxophones, harmonica and recorder for $80

In Brass, Woodwind By Manuel Rodríguez Riva

Pro Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Saxophones, harmonica and recorder for $80

Professional quality recording of clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, harmonica and recorder. LoFi Beats, Worldmusic, Klezmer, Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Latin. Composer, Arranger and Music Producer.

You can find me also like Tatorita Sax

I play alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, harmónica and recorder.
Throughout my career I have played many different genres, and I have very a versatile style, always looking for what music and the client need.
I love participating in musical projects from all over the world, and I never consider my work finished until the client is happy.
I can record scores that you send me, as well as record improvisations, or make arrangements with many instruments.
I like to deliver more than you ask me, since I think that working at the studio, have more options it's always better (more Takes, more ideas, more possibilities).

I will do two revisions if necessary, but anyway I will not give the work terminated until you are satisfied.

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • World
  • House
  • EDM

Compilation Sample

Some examples with different instruments in different styles
  • Compilation Sample

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