Saxophone, clarinet, and flute available for recordings for $150

In Brass, Woodwind By Chelsea McBride

Saxophone, clarinet, and flute available for recordings for $150

Hi! I'm a Toronto-based woodwind specialist and backup vocalist happy to contribute section parts to your recording. I've recorded on a number of pop, rock and metal recordings in the past, for such artists as Steven Sofferin, Earth's Yellow Sun, and Materia Collective, as well as my own projects, Chelsea and the Cityscape and Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School, but my specialty is pop and jazz music. I am experienced recording in live situations and studio settings, and for the offer presented here I would be recording in my home studio, with as many attempts needed to deliver you the perfect track.
I have a small home studio, just one mic & an interface, and can deliver unmixed audio files in whatever format you need.
Price covers one instrument on one song; more than happy to do multiple instruments or tracks, but order multiples for that please (one per song/per instrument part)! 2 revisions included on each part.


Chelsea and the Cityscape
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