Pro Trumpet Player/Horn Section for $125

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Pro Trumpet Player/Horn Section for $125

I am a Nashville based trumpet player with over 15 years of professional performing experience. I have recorded on numerous albums and performed with a variety of professional ensembles from Nashville to New York City. I am well versed in a variety of styles including: salsa, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, musical theater, etc. Please feel free to visit my website: smarkmorgan dot com for audio samples, bio, and resume.

Rates vary from project to project but a standard quote is: $125 for the first recorded part and $50/each additional layer (meaning: if you want two, three, or four different layers of harmony recorded on the same track, then it is $125 for the first layer, $50 for layer two, $50 for layer three, etc). If you have more than one song that needs horn parts, please contact me to discuss your project and budget.

If you don't have specific horn parts in mind and request that I arrange horn lines to accompany your music, a separate arranging fee applies. This rate depends on the complexity of the arrangement. This does not apply to tracks that only require soloing over the music. Transcriptions of your music are also available for $25/part.

I also work with a top level horn section to include alto/tenor sax, trombone, and tuba. Please feel free to contact me to discuss adding a full horn section to your music.


  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Latin

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