I will record saxophone to your track for $90

In Brass, Woodwind By Sunday Bayode Emmanuel

I will record saxophone to your track for $90

I'm a Professsional Saxophonist with long periods of global experience, presently playing with Icehouse. I love teaming up with different specialists and desire to chip away at your task! My saxophone administrations can be pretty much as basic as playing over a dance track for you to cleave up as you wish, delivering out of control horn courses of action for a R&B tune or the exemplary moaning Pop/Rock sax solo that makes you shudder inside.

I have broad account and performing experience through a plenty of meeting work across the USA, Europe and Australia just as delivering my own music.

I can play ad lib or play lines you've composed - working to a brief or doing all that myself without any preparation!

If it's not too much trouble, connect to examine our various choices evaluating structure/length is a harsh guide in particular and may change from one undertaking to another.

Anticipate hearing from you!

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