Trumpet recording for $70

In Brass, Woodwind By Nebojsa Pavlovic

Trumpet recording for $70

I am working on RME Babyface audio interface and record on DPA D:vote 9909 microphone all in wav high quality files in my studio. My intrument is Trumpet in B Van Laar oiram2 custom model, and l am also artist for this company.
I play trumpet in band S.A.R.S. (Pop, Rock, Reggae, Balkan folk), Freaky fight for freedom (Hard Rock), Masta Basta (Reggae)
With Band "Masta Basta" l won first price as the best reggae band for eastern Europe on European Reggae contest in 2014.
With my band S.A.R.S. l won "The best MTV Adria act" in 2016. l've recorded six albums, and played concerts all over the world.

  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Reggae
  • EDM
  • Classical
  • Hip Hop

F.F.F.F. i wanna know

Theme with solo
  • F.F.F.F. i wanna know
  • S.A.R.S. Veruj mi

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