Pro Balkan/Greek/Turkish style Trumpet recording for $120

In Brass, Woodwind By Vasilis Nalmpantis

Pro Balkan/Greek/Turkish style Trumpet recording for $120

I am a professional and experienced trumpet player from Greece residing in Austria. I have recorded and played with musicians and bands of many different genres but my specialization is in the traditional musical idiom of Greece, the Balkans and Turkey.
All material given, will be "converted" into the traditional style as part of the standard packet.

I can add a unique flair to your music with:
- a melody or a solo(have both, with an added cost of 25$)
- backgrounds voices,after the first layer, each extra layer has an added cost of 25$( a melody or a solo is considered 1 layer)
- arrangement of the backgrounds(costs depend on the scale of the project, better to discuss it beforehand)
- transcription of the voices/chords that need to be played(25$ extra)

I'm recording in a sound treated studio with a large diaphragm condenser or Ribbon mic(or a combination of both) through a Motu audio interface.
I will deliver raw wav files.

Please CONTACT ME to discuss your project before placing an order!

I'm looking forward to work with you and make some great music!

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Trumpet Solo on a Karsilama

Taken from the Corona Home Concert we did with ECHOS Verein. It is a short solo on a traditional Greek Karsilama style tune in 9/8 time signature.
  • Trumpet Solo on a Karsilama

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