Saxophone/Woodwinds for $150

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Michael William Moynihan Jr.

Saxophone/Woodwinds for $150

I will be happy to add saxophone and/or woodwinds to your track. I have an extensive background as a saxophonist and woodwind doubler, having performed with The Temptations, Thomas Mapfumo and Blacks Unlimited, Frank Sinatra Jr., and as a pit orchestra musician in the UAPresents touring editions of The Book of Mormon and Chicago.

Written arrangements provided by the client are preferred, but I will be happy to arrange horn and/or woodwind parts for your track(s) for an additional fee (see my "Horn Arrangements" service on my profile).

I have provide samples of various types of Woodwind arrangements I have done for my own projects as well as some collaborations with colleagues. Additionally, I have provided some examples of my work as a saxophonists and improviser.

Thank you for your interest in my services!

Best Regards,

Michael William Moynihan Jr.

  • Blues
  • Broadway
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Musical theatre
  • Rock

Lost and Found In Space

A good example of my jazz saxophone playing.
  • Lost and Found In Space
  • Ariel
  • New World Order
  • Salvation
  • Yahweh

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