Saxophone Solos, Hooks, Arrangements - Quality Recording - Any style you like for $65

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Antonio Alvarez

Saxophone Solos, Hooks, Arrangements - Quality Recording - Any style you like for $65

Hello! My name is Antonio Alvarez, but i'm better known as Pibe del Saxo (which is Buenos Aires' slang for Sax Dude). I Will give your song that colourful, melodic, saxy goodness you are looking for.
With over 15 years of music experience I have came across almost every genre (from Rock to Soul, from Jazz to Classical, from Blues to Hip Hop, even Reggae, Reggaeton, House and Electronic music) and I assure you that every one of them do benefit from well-timed, highly expresive saxophone line.
Should you need it to be composed, then wait no more. I have majored in Filmscoring and Music Production in UCA (Catholic University of Argentina), so you can just send me your track, tell me what you are looking for, maybe throwing in some references, and in a week's time you'll have your saxophone line, solo or arrangement composed and recorded (If you need it sooner just let me know and I'll manage it). I can also write the music sheet upon request.
If you have already composed your saxophone line(s) then send me the music sheet and/or midi or audio recording and I will have it sounding like a Pro.
I'm a music lover and I hope you are too, so if you don't love what I send you back you can call up to 3 revisions with a 100% guaranteed full refund if you are still not satisfied after that.

- Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone (Dave Guardala mouthpiece)
- Buescher Aristocrat Big "B" Tenor Saxophone (metal Otto Link mouthpiece)
- DPA 4099 condenser microphone
- Avid M Box mini interface
- Logic Pro X
- JBL 3 series monitors

Funky Sax Arrangement

Composed by Me
  • Funky Sax Arrangement
  • @pibedelsaxo Sax Demo

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