Recording sax, flute and/or synth synth brass included for $444

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Recording sax, flute and/or synth synth brass included for $444

Recording credits include Ariana Grande, Skrizzly Adams, Will Champlin (2nd place winner on the Voice)

I play alto sax, tenor sax, flute and wind synthesizer, with a specialization in alto sax. My background is in recording and sideman work, which prizes the ability to play many styles authentically. This past year, I've performed pop music, rock, jazz, r&b, soul, hip hop and flamenco.

I have a recording studio at home, will turn around a project in a week (rush jobs can be negotiated and turned around faster). I offer a Zoom session and studio quality audio streaming through Audiomovers for tracking so you can be "in the studio" with me, three free revisions for each project, and will happily include a horn stem mix if you are using several horn tracks in your piece.

Included in this service:
Performing and recording saxophone, flute or synth lead (including sample-modeled brass) parts and/or mixing the parts that I record.
I can write or arrange horn parts for you as well, please see my other gig listing.

Please note the maximum days to complete is an outside estimate. I will try to complete the job within a week, but may be on the road and unavailable at some times. Revisions will be delivered within two weeks of their request.

1936 Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophone w/ Series III neck or original
1954 King Zephyr tenor saxophone
mouthpieces by Ted Klum
1964 Haynes Commercial Model flute

UAD Apollo interface + Octo Satellite with many plugins
U67 clone microphone from microphoneparts


Synthwave, uplifting, chill, positive, instrumental. I did everything related to this production except the flamenco guitar, provided by the incredible Pedro Cortes of Jersey City, NJ
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