Record 120 seconds of Improvised Saxophone Tracks For Your Song for $85

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Nathan Madsen

Record 120 seconds of Improvised Saxophone Tracks For Your Song for $85

For $85 you'll get two minutes of improvised saxophone solo and/or fills!

About Me:
I've been a professional saxophonist working on over 575 projects since 2005. I can read music, follow chord changes, figure out music by ear and hold two degrees in music. The styles I can perform well in are jazz, R&B, rock, blues, classical and EDM.

My Process:
I'll check out your song and description of what you need and then record three takes that match your needs. Should you have any issues or need fixes, that will be no problem! I'll do three full revisions at no extra cost. Turn around time is 5 days, with most deliveries being faster than that.

My gear is top notch: Mac Pro, MOTU 896mk3 audio interface, MXL R-77L Gold ribbon microphone, Selmer Series 3 Alto and Tenor saxophone, Aquila C-Melody saxophone and a Buescher soprano saxophone.

What You'll Get:
You'll get three takes with three full revisions offered in this rate. I can meet any audio format required - just let me know what file specs you require and I'll make it happen. The audio files you'll get (stems) will be dry so you can edit and produce as you need and see fit!

Money Back Guarantee!
If after three revisions, you're still not happy - you'll get a full refund. So you literally have nothing to lose!

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • EDM

Nate Madsen Sax Demo

A montage of different songs featuring my saxophone work.
  • Nate Madsen Sax Demo

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