Pro Saxophone Solos - Sax Section Alto Tenor Bari Soprano for $80

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Jason Lloyd Kendall

Pro Saxophone Solos - Sax Section Alto Tenor Bari Soprano for $80

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My name is Jason Kendall I will record a saxophone solos for your song and send the dry .WAV tracks to you via dropbox or WeTransfer. I can also create layered sax section parts ( up to 4 parts) for your u song ( any combo of Soprano , Alto, or Tenor). I can read charts or create a custom part based around your suggestions. II have 30 years experience as a professional saxophonist , pianist and guitarist. I have a Masters Degree in Music from West Virginia University and was a music Instructor for Penn State University from 2005 -2015. I currently am a full time performing musician based in Pittsburgh, PA . I have 2 film credits ( original music placements) Far Too Far (2015) and Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly ( 2016)

Selmer Saxophones
1930 Selmer Super Alto
1964 Selmer Mark VI Tenor
Yamaha Custom Soprano
Meyer - Berg Larsen - Theo Wanne Mouthpieces
Gear : Cascade Fathead 2 Ribbon Mic
Apogee Duet Pre
Logic Pro x

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  • Pop-Rock
  • R&B
  • Reggae

Screaming sax style

Screaming sax style
  • Screaming sax style
  • Sectional Sax - Alto Solo - Tenor Solo
  • Bari Sax - Sax Section
  • Soprano Sax solo Excerpt
  • Sax Sectional Sample
  • Christmas Song
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  • Peter Gunn

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