Premium Backing Vocals for $200

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Tamara Lloyd

Premium Backing Vocals for $200

Tvoxsound uses:
Mics: AT4040 and Hulk 990 (modified MXL 990)
Interface: Apollo MKII TWIN
DAW: Reason 10 and Studio One 3
Pre Amp: Black Lion Auteur
I manually stack all harmonies 4 - 8 tracks deep depending on the style of music.
Be specific in your description of what type of backing vocals you want and I will do that. I will allow one revision.

Night Fever

  • Night Fever
  • A Smile For My Storm
  • Rain
  • Sometimes It Snows In April
  • All My Praise
  • Dreamin' (original song)

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