Lead and Harmony Vocal Tracks for $100

In Vocals (Female) By JRasche

Lead and Harmony Vocal Tracks for $100

Hello there!

I am a dynamic vocalist located out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who can provide you lead and harmony vocals which will add that spark of life to your songs! I can add soft to loud diva style vocals, but I always perform the best vocal suited for the song.

I have provided over 500+ vocal tracks for a multitude of genres such as rock, hard rock, metal, blues, jazz and easy listening!!

By hiring me you will get-

*A professional, friendly, hard working session vocalist available for on site studio recordings, or to produce quality .wav files in her home studio. I will do up to 3 retakes. I can work with your direction, but I also work wonderfully on my own with little direction. Either way, you will be pleased with the work I do and I will make sure I do my best to get it there.

* I can perform multiple genres such as rock/hard rock/blues.

*Dynamic singer that knows when to be soft and when to belt it out diva style! My main goal is to find vocals that fit the song! I can be sweet and soft and hard and edgy, but I always do my best to 'feel' what the song needs, and perform accordingly!

*Ability to quickly learn songs and produce background harmonies

My Gear: DAW (Studio One 2 Pro), AT 4040, Presonus Tube Preamp.

**Note: You will receive an mp3 sample for approval before I send you stems.

I have listed on my page a few samples of collaborative works in different styles to show you examples of my singing soft to belting it out!

I look forward to working with you and bringing your music to that next level!

17 Reviews

  1. Review By: ViniciusCarvalho Jul 1, 2019

    I 've been working with Jessica in 3 jobs, and the last one was a very hard one. A transcripition of a brasilian song with a very poor vocal guide and she delivered a great version. I already knew the talent, but her dedication was the diferential on that.

    Thank you Jessica.

  2. Review By: ViniciusCarvalho Jun 22, 2019

    Thank you Jessica for the beautiful record!

  3. Review By: ViniciusCarvalho Jun 9, 2019

    Well done. I think we'll work together again.
    Thank you.

  4. Review By: carlene1 Sep 7, 2017

    great job jessica !!

  5. Review By: bas10 Mar 31, 2016

    Jessica works very professionally and adapts here voice perfectly to the production. Many thanks!

  6. Review By: amvauditioning Mar 11, 2015

    Thanks for the awesome song Jess! Love it!

  7. Review By: KappieHerb Oct 31, 2014

    Thanks Jessica! This is going to be a great EP, hope to work with you again in the future!

  8. Review By: VikramKapur Oct 22, 2014

    Very professional sound and attitude. Highly recommended.

  9. Review By: KappieHerb Oct 21, 2014

    Jessica's vocals: Amazing stuff.
    One more song to go until the release of an EP by the end of November 2014. Everyone should keep an eye on this, I will advise further after the next (final) song has been completed.

  10. Review By: KappieHerb Oct 13, 2014

    Very good vocals again, thank you Jessica! Apart from getting great vocals the good co-operation, willingness to redo particular parts and quick responses are all a big bonus to keep the creative flow going!

  11. Review By: KappieHerb Oct 2, 2014

    Fantastic as usual!

  12. Review By: KappieHerb Sep 26, 2014

    Jessica's voice is one of the best rock voices out there and her friendliness and way of communicating are on equal par. She is a perfectionist as well, it won't get any better than this, she just delivers amazing quality. I'd rather had kept it a secret :-) but here you are...

  13. Review By: ChrisSC Sep 13, 2014

    Good value for money.

  14. Review By: lozbo Sep 6, 2014

    Great! Real thought and care has gone into this and the end results are fab. Jess' enthusiasm and friendly, helpful manner are also worth recommending.

  15. Review By: lozbo Aug 26, 2014

    jess does beautiful things... sensitive to the songs' needs, she finds the right feel and really lifts the music and takes it to where it needs to be.

  16. Review By: andreas Aug 22, 2014

    It is really nice to work with Jessica.
    She is creative, perfectionistic, modest and just a joy to work with.
    The communication is clear, friendly and to-the-point.
    She has a great voice for both lead and harmonies.

    Highly recommended, it has worked out great for us.

  17. Review By: andreas Aug 21, 2014

    Great job

  18. Review By: andreas Aug 17, 2014

    Thumbs up