Grammy Caliber Professional Ethnic/World Vocals for $199

In Vocals (Female) By Shelley Thomas

Grammy Caliber Professional Ethnic/World Vocals for $199

GRAMMY-Featured NYC vocalist capable of a matchless breadth of styles brings flawless, emotive vocals of the highest caliber to your song.

Whether it's Pop-Soul, R&B, Classical, Jazz, or ethnic styles like Bossa Nova, Balkan, Arabic, African, Gypsy, Flamenco, Hindustani, Turkish, Greek, and Fado music, Shelley delivers the unique, pro quality vocal stylings you need to add passion and flavor to your track.

Shelley possesses an arsenal of advanced vocal ornamentation, improvisational capability, and command of any microtonal scale system. She will record & comp up to thirty takes to get it right! With perfect relative pitch and 19 years of vocal experience, she delivers powerful and transcendent vocals with confidence.

"World music magic" - AudioFemme
"Refined, imaginative & gorgeous" - Beehive Candy
"One of the most eclectic of New York's elite singers" - New York Music Daily

Mics: AKG P420, Shure Beta 58
Stedman Proscreen 101 Pop Filter (does not filter out precious high frequencies)
Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface
Logic Pro X
VST Plugins from Spitfire, East West, FabFilter & Slate Audio
Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitors

Simply provide your track with lyrics and scratch vocals, and she will deliver a pristine, dry (unmixed) vocal performance in a high quality .WAV file. Priced per song up to 4.5 minutes. Includes 1 revision. Discounts available on song packages.

Additional services:
- Oud tracking
- Hand Percussion
- Further revisions
- Longer song length
- Lyrics & Songwriting
- Arranging
- Editing
- Production, Mixing & Mastering
- Film Scoring
- Commercial Music
- Backup Vocals
- Transcription / Chord Charts

Shelley brings nineteen years of experience performing in over fifteen languages with disarming fluidity and authenticity. She was featured on Yo-Yo Ma and Silkroad's GRAMMY-Winning album, "Sing Me Home", with vocal ensemble Black Sea Hotel. She has taught workshops, recorded, performed & toured internationally with world-class artists including The Knights, Kronos Quartet, Simon Shaheen, Hassan Hakmoun, the New York Arabic Orchestra, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Innov Gnawa, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. She has performed at venues & festivals such as Moscow Conservatory, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, MIT, Pioneer Works, National Sawdust, Ecstatic Dance, BRIC, Le Poisson Rouge, Havana World Music Fest, Vancouver Island Music Fest, and Abu Dhabi Festival at Emirates Palace.

More info can be found on Shelley Thomas Music dot com.

  • World
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Electronic

Sestro Dobriano - Shelley Thomas

Bulgarian traditional song from her solo album
  • Sestro Dobriano - Shelley Thomas
  • Water Get More Enemy - SSAHHA
  • Bint al Shalabiyya - Adam Maalouf feat. Shelley Thomas
  • Balili (Kyle Clef Remix) - Hassan Hakmoun
  • Manouche - Sid Vaga feat. Shelley Thomas
  • Sadila Jana - Yo-Yo Ma & Silkroad Ensemble feat. Black Sea Hotel
  • Dwell Within Me - MJ Dorian feat. Shelley Thomas
  • Ben Gam li Hazan - Shelley Thomas

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