Chart Topping Vocalist available for Hire! for $175

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Melike Konur

Chart Topping Vocalist available for Hire! for $175

Hi there! Welcome to Melike's Vocal services. I am full service on stop shop for all things related to vocals. I have a very versatile and soulful voice. I have a classic soul voice with a mixed belt suitable for soul, gospel, house, rock and pop. I am just passionate about creating and I am looking for projects that are exiting and fresh.

My services include but are certainly not limited to : vocal performance, lyric writing, cowriting, arrangement, vocal production, back vocals, vocal coaching, demo recordings and release recordings. I am also experienced in the voiceover realm and have a demo for that as well.

Gear List:
- 8 core, 64gb Ram custom-built PC with Pro tools and Fl studio
- Apollo 16 MKII Interface
- Apollo Twin MKII Interface
- Universal Audio Twin Finity Mic Preamp
- Dangerous Compressor
- AKG c414 XLII microphone
- Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
- UAD Custom Plugins
- Waves Mercury Plugins
- Fab filter Pro Q2 and ProQ3
- Sound toys 5 Pulgins (all)
- IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Max Plugins (all)
- Ozone 7
- Neutron
- Soothe 2
- D16 Group Plugins (Decimort and effects plugin bundle)
- RC20 Retro Color
- Antares Autotune 8

Demo Reel

Via sample pack on Splice, all original
  • Demo Reel
  • Harmonies of Life
  • Rise:Die
  • My Name is Desire
  • Going to America
  • Frozen Heart
  • Commercial Punch Voiceover
  • Commercial Description Voiceover
  • English learning Book Voiceover/Singing

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