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I’m a Nashville based recording artist and vocal coach, with a wide variety of vocal experience. I've worked with Grammy Winner & Producer Brian Whitman, shared the stage with Billboard Artists Taking Back Sunday, JJ Heller, and Audrey Assad, Dove Award winner Chris August, Grammy nominees Katie Herzig and Sophie B. Hawkins, American Idol's Brooke White, and Stephen Egerton of the punk band Descendents.

I can sing a wide range of vocal styles from pop, rock, soul, folk, country, jazz, and more. I’ve written and performed in various genres, been listening to the nuances of voices for over 10 years as a vocal coach, and I've taught numerous students in style training. All of these things have given me a great ear for the qualities that make up a stellar and moving vocal performance. Just have a listen to my Vocal Demo Reel and you'll get a better idea of how I can help you and your song!

If you’re looking for spot-on harmonies that can truly blend with the nuances of your lead vocals, then you’ve found the right singer. If you need to hire a unique and modern demo singer for your original song, just tell me your vision for it and I can make it happen!

I have a sound-proofed home studio and a couple vocal mics (Apogee 96K, Shure 58A), as well as a Onyx Blackjack, Logic Pro, and Equator D5 studio monitors.

With the order I include:

-1 LEAD track & 2 HARMONY tracks
-Vocals dry in WAV format
-MP3 of the mix with my vocals

Optimal vocal range: G3 to D5. I have done demo work lower and higher than this range, but this the sweet spot for my voice.

*Please message me BEFORE submitting an order! I'd like to confirm that the song is in the right range for my voice and that a refund will not be necessary.*

Talk to you soon,

3 Reviews

  1. Review By: gismo Nov 25, 2017

    This was a challenging project. Ree proved to be a true artist on every level. I love her work ethic, her commitment,
    dedication and passion.

  2. Review By: delgibbons Sep 27, 2016

    Brilliant voice well recommended

  3. Review By: mmiyashita623 Sep 10, 2016

    Thank you very much for working quickly with high quality! Thanks. :)

  4. Review By: Neal18uk Sep 7, 2016

    Thank you and a pleasure to work with you. I would highly recommend your harmonies really helped to bring the track alive. Best Neal Handforth