Dynamic Powerhouse Singer - Lead Vocals, Harmonies, and More for $100

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Krystal Arvelo

Dynamic Powerhouse Singer - Lead Vocals, Harmonies, and More for $100

Need a powerhouse voice for your project? How about a versatile singer with a unique sound, passion, and solid work ethic? If so, we may be a great fit.

My performing and recording career spans nearly two decades and covers multiple genres including pop, rock, country, folk, jazz, and contemporary musical theatre. I specialize in pop, pop rock, and Broadway-style high belting.

My immersion in various genres throughout my career has enabled me to adapt to pretty much any style, and I am committed to curating the exact sound you're looking for in your project.

Be sure to check out my SoundCloud or my YouTube Channel for more examples of my sound.

In addition to vocals, I play the piano and the acoustic guitar, and produce my own music using Logic Pro X in my acoustically-treated home recording studio.

Most projects receive the following:
• Lead Vocals (1 track)
• Stacks in the Chorus/Hook (2-4 layers/tracks)
• Ad-libs (1 track)
• Background Vocals (2-4 layers/tracks)

*25% rush fee to expedite projects needed in 48 hours or less

Two revisions are included in the base price.

Please note: you may not use my artist name on songs without explicit permission, otherwise my AKA alias should be used.

I will share full details about terms and working arrangements once you share your vision and project information! ***Please message me BEFORE purchasing so that I can give you a quote and my expected turn-around time for your specific project!***

  • Broadway
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock

Vocal Demo Reel

Includes selections from Into the Unknown, My Future, Alone, Stone Cold, and La Vie en Rose
  • Vocal Demo Reel

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