Flexible Female Vocalist - Lead/BGVs for $150

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Flexible Female Vocalist - Lead/BGVs for $150

Base price of $150 for three vocal tracks, with two revisions. Message me about more tracks beyond that! I record on a Blue Spark into an Apollo Twin, a setup I've been using for years. I'm an accomplished and accredited vocal editor/producer, and the vocals will be delivered fully comped and tuned in Melodyne -- with basic EQ and light compression unless otherwise specified. I can sound like a fair amount of well-known singers, so please don't hesitate to ask for what you need. More samples available on request.

Nashville-based for ten years.

My sophomore single, "Hold the Line," recently spent a whopping two months featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds: Pop playlist --- a direct result of my crystal clear vocals and unique, genre-bending instrumentals.

When not working on my own music, I'm adept and accomplished studio singer, lending my voice to a variety of diverse projects, in addition to snagging writing and arrangement credits alongside vocal production.My experience as an elite vocal coach trained under Brett Manning (Hayley Williams, Leona Lewis, Keith Urban), my degree in classical music, and my background as a vocalist for one of Nashville's best cover bands has made me an extremely flexible vocalist and a huge asset behind the mic.

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