Studio Drum & Percussion Tracking for $199

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Philip Coiro

Studio Drum & Percussion Tracking for $199

Don't let someone rush job your song by promising "professional" work that they magically can clear their schedule to finish in 24 hours. You took a lot of time and consideration into writing your song and I will give it the time and energy it deserves!

Here's how we will work on it...
You send it! Send me your song (to a click track if possible) and tell me about it and what you are feeling for the drums.
I send a demo! After we chat I will record a rough demo or two of some ideas and sent it to you. This usually happens within a day or two.
You want something a little different? We go back to the "I send a demo" step!
You love it! If you like it I will then record the finished product and send you the best 2-3 takes I get so you have a few options to choose from. I will send you a full drum mix and the individual stems so you have the option to mix it yourself. This will take another 1-3 days depending on how my schedule is sitting.

Besides owning multiple drum sets, 5 snare drums, over 20 cymbals, bongos, congas, log drums, octoban, concert toms, concert bass drums, bells, xylophone, and just about every percussion toy on earth I am certain I have the sound for you!

You want electronic sounds? I got them! I can also record midi drum tracks for you to add your own sounds on or I can select sounds with Steven Slate Drum Software

I am using Aston Origin Microphones, Shure Microphones, Focusrite Audio Interface and Digital Performer Software for recording and editing.

Why pick me?
Mostly because I'm honest, talented and easy to work with but also because I am a true professional. I have been playing drums for over 25 years and have been full time since 2008! I worked on Broadway and toured throughout the United States. My most recent recording work was the Original Cast Album for 'The Ballad of Little Jo' musical composed by grammy winning composer Mike Reid (I can't make you love me) at the world famous Avatar Studios in NYC. I also record and play drums live for Troy Ramey who was on NBC's the Voice last season and finished in the top 10. The songs I recorded for him have been streamed over 600,000 times on Spotify! Which I think is pretty cool to reach so many people. Google me for a full bio! I'm around the web.

Also! If I don't think my style of drumming fits your song I am not going to take your money, I want you to be the most happy and excited about the work!

Hope to talk soon!

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