High quality live drums for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Christoffer Oberg Runfors

High quality live drums for $75

I'm a professional drummer with over 10 years experience (studio and live). Specialized in R&B, Hip Hop, Soul & Indie rock.

I have played drums on a lot of albums and played live on several tours in Japan and all over Europe, mainly with the band Yamon Yamon.

My drum playing can be heard here: http://tinyurl.com/teedrums

My studio is acoustically treated and I have a lot of different cymbals and microphones, so I can get any kind of drum sound you want, whether it's fat saturated vintage sounding drums, 80's drums with reverb or light sounding jazzy drums played with brushes.

If you need drums for a full project with more than one song, please contact me for a custom bundle price.

Looking forward to work with you!

  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Neo soul
  • Pop

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Soul, motown
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