I will arrange and record drums for your song for $40

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Silvio Centamore

I will arrange and record drums for your song for $40

I will record live acoustic drums for your song in my professional studio recording, will deliver in few days and will play any style of music. The audio file(s) which i will be sending you will be wav or aiff (44.1 or 48 khz , 24 bit).

Recording Gear: PRO TOOLS 2019 , RME , AUDIENT, FOCUSRITE, YAMAHA, NEVE (1075 preamps) and many others.

Channel list: KK in with AKG D112 - KK out with YAMAHA SUBKICK - SNARE Top with SHURE SM 57 - SNARE Bottom with AKG C214 - HI HAT with SHURE PG81 - RIDE with SHURE PG81 - OVERHEADS RODE NT5 - room with AKG C3000 - 2 TOMs and 2 FLOOR TOMs with Sennheiser E604;

Drum Gear: Up to 40 UFIP cymbals (I'm ENDORSER) - LUDWIG Supraphonic snare (I have 8 different snares in option, DRUM SOUND Drums (Italian handcrafted drums with DW shells) ;

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4Pq_IOuaQuPXPIhZN8K3Q ;

I prefer to speak with every client prior to ordering to ensure the best possible experience. I'm happy to offer discounts on multiple tracks - send me a message to make sure I get you the best price!

Pay attention! I don't use double pedal so please do not book any job with that!

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