Professional Live DrumTracks for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By John Venezia

Professional Live DrumTracks for $100

What up Y'all! I am John Venezia and I am a drummer based in Nashville. I have a home studio that I work out of everyday. I am extremely passionate about recording and love creating in the studio. I am well versed in playing many genres of music (Country, Americana, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk etc)

I have been fortunate to work and collaborate with notable artists including Thompson Square, Reid Haughton, Ian Flanigan, Dee White, Melissa Erin, Erin Viancourt, and Wesley Dean.

Some tunes I have played on:

"Indigo Skies" by Melissa Erin
"All News Fit to Print" by Andrew Weiss
"Hard Times" by Mosa
"Relevant" by Chelcie Jette
"The Words I Left Behind" by Campbell Harrison

I can get a track done for you within 1-2 business days. I am able to do 3 revisions and provide up to 3 takes of each song including any percussion overdubs or programmed parts.
If you have multiple songs that you looking to get recorded, I do offer bulk discounts.

60s Ludwig Red Sparkle 20-16-12
65' Slingerland Blue Sparkle 22-16-13
80s TAMA Superstar Kit 24-15-14-13-12

Early 60s Supraphonic 14x5
60s premier 14x5
70' Supraphonic 14x6.5
late 70s acolyte 14x5
50s WFL Mahogany 14x6.5
30s NOB Ludwig 14x6.5
Alaskan Cedar Sugar Percussion 14x6

Wide Variety of Paiste, Istanbul and vintage cymbals

Pro Tools
Apollo x8p

6 Bae 1073 preamps

Coles 4038 (matched pair)
Shure KSM137 (matched pair)
Miktek PM10 (matched pair)
Shure Sm57
Sennheiser e 602

Adele Tom Thang

based off song Water under the bridge. Drums, percussion, and programming performed by myself.
  • Adele Tom Thang
  • Age of Worry (Madi Cunningham)

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