Pop/Rock Singer and Drummer for $20

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Pop/Rock Singer and Drummer for $20

I have 15 years of experience like drummer, guitarist and singer.
You can listen my works with "Mind Enemies".
I can do recording, mix and mastering.
The “Mind Enemies” was formed in 2010 as a solo project of Giuseppe Caruso (percussionist, guitarist, singer).
G. Caruso is a graduate in percussion at the Music Accademy of Rodi G.co (Italy,Fg) in 2007.
His percussion teachers were: Lello Basile, Vincenzo Mazzone, Tarcisio Molinaro.
He got master in percussion with N. J. Zivkovic, Paolo Pellegatti, Sergio Pescara.
In 2009, he taught Percussion at the Institute of Science Poerio (Foggia).
In 2010 he graduated in two-year specialization in Teaching Tool (Bi.For.Doc).
He played as a percussionist in the following bands: Overture (Thrash Metal, San Nicandro), Moonshine (Heavy Metal, Bologna); Grooveria Percussion Ensemble (Rodi Percussion Trio).
He he taught in schools F. De Sanctis (Fg), Altamura (Fg), Moscati (Fg), Alfieri (Fg) and studied Jazz at the Music Accademy of Rodi G. with Maestro Sandro Satta (Sax).
He got master in “Music contamination” with Rodolfo Maltese and Francesco Di Giacomo (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso)
He studied electric guitar for a year at the academy of “Lizard” (Pescara), with Gianni De Chellis.
The summer of the 2011 he recorded his first songs at Nadir Music by Tommy Talamanca (Nadir Music).
In 2012 participating in the contest “Emergenza Festival” playing at the Zoo Bar (Rome) and the Blackout (Rome); other live at Legend Club (Milano), Vieste, Manfredonia, San Nicandro G.co; Bari.
In the 7 August 2013 he pubblished the first EP “The Darkest Way”, That got good reviews around the world.
July 2014 he play 10 live in Russia. (The Darkest Russian Tour)
From 2015 He is in the studio to create this new album .
Meanwhile, in March 2017, he released a cover album titled “Hard Rock Tribute”.
“Revenge” is the title of the first full-length album, which will be released on August 13, 2017, digitally on all stores, and will be presented live at the “Gargano Rock Fest” by San Nicandro Garganico (Fg).
The album was recorded, produced and completely mixed by Giuseppe Caruso, who played guitar, bass, voice and drum.
He continues to teach percussion and composing songs and arrangements for its students.

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Mind Enemies
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