Live drum tracks for $50

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Live drum tracks for $50

My name is Michał Marciniak and I would love to be your session drummer. I have gained studio experience as well as stage experience. I have always enjoyed playing many styles of music. So whether you need drums for groovy funk or pop, a classic beat for rock or blast beats and a double bass for death metal, I can do the job.

Live drum tracks gig includes

-hq acoustic drums recording
-optional hybrid add-ons (bass drum trigger, electronic roland pad, samples library)
-comercial use
-1 mixed stereo drum recording + mixed stems (between 7 to 9 tracks from each microphone, module) + raw (unedited, unmixed) stems

My Gear: Pearl VBL birch drums (8, 10, 12, 14, 22), Pearl Sensitone Steel Snare, Zildjian and Istambul Cymbals

Pearl Eliminator Redline double pedal

UMC1820 (interface)

Roland TM-2 + RT30K (module and bass drum trigger) + Roland PD7

With AKG microphones: AKG P4 - snare, AKG P4 - toms , AKG P17 - overheads

My Software: Studio One 5, Sperior Drummer 3 (world class drum/percussion libraries), other plugins

You can check out more of my playing on my youtube channel:

  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Soul
  • Funk

deathcore drumming sample

drumming sample
  • deathcore drumming sample
  • pop

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