Professional mix-ready drum tracking/programming for $100

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Professional mix-ready drum tracking/programming for $100

Our team includes multiple professional drummers with 15+ years experience, to fit your type of music as it should be.

We can provide up to 12 tracks, or just a premixed stereo stem, Midi recorded with V-Drum, or whatever you want, its fully customizable for your needs.


-13' Tama Star maple drum set
-97' Tama Starclassic maple drumset
-over 10+ Snare drums
-3 sets of Zildjian cymbals (K-A-Oriental series)
-Meinl Percussions
-Roland V-drums

We have two medium-sized, acoustically treated mixing/live rooms, we're working with UA Apollo interfaces; Dynaudio BM12/Lyd 7, Focal Alpha 80 speakers; Icon Controller with motorised faders; Logic Pro/Reaper Daws; UAD, Plugin Alliance, Fab-filter, IK, Izotope, and many other plugins.

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Rap

Hofi - Lassu tracking

Raw drum tracks, as recorded
  • Hofi - Lassu tracking
  • Szabi - dolgozik mix
  • Szabi - touchcow demo drums
  • Hofi - betépve tracking

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