Drum Tracks/Programmed Drums By Nate Barnes for $135

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Nate Barnes

Drum Tracks/Programmed Drums By Nate Barnes for $135

Hi, my name is Nate Barnes and I am a drummer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. I have drummed for artists including Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rodney Crowell, Ryan Bingham, Hiss Golden Messenger, Rose Hill Drive, and many others. I've made records with producers such as Brendan O’Brien, Jim Scott, Nick DiDia, and more, and I’ve also had my original compositions placed with companies such as HBO, Ford, Target, Chase, Facebook, and many others.

I've been doing online and in-person sessions for over 10 years for countless artists- my roots are in Rock n Roll and I've branched out from there into Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, and Americana. I also offer electronic drum programming for various genres in addition to full instrumental productions and mixing. I’m a writer and composer as well, and have my own solo project called Plutinos. I’m endorsed by Ludwig, Sabian, and Vic Firth.

I record drum tracks at my own state-of-the art facility. The room is acoustically treated with high ceilings and a great room sound, and features API/Neve style preamps and great mics. I have engineered in major studios and know my way around a full console, patch bay, and outboard gear, and I bring this experience to my recordings. I record up to 18 channels with sounds ranging from dirty and greasy to clean and polished; from tight and crisp to big and bombastic. I offer a free revision with each track ordered which is all that 90% of the tracks I do end up needing, and in the unlikely event of needing more revisions they’re just $50 each. Feel free to reach out with any questions- I'd love to work on your project!

Infinite Eyes by Neon Castles

first single from my band Neon Castles
  • Infinite Eyes by Neon Castles
  • Nate Barnes Drum Reel 2020
  • Falling Away by Plutinos
  • Fires of Faith by The Heavy Gates

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