Unique drum loops and tracks recorded for your project for $85

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Robert Steadman

Unique drum loops and tracks recorded for your project for $85

Creating a drum track to fit perfectly with your sound while being a unique feature of your track is my goal. In my purpose-built studio, I'll record what's needed and send you as many stem files as you need to match your mix. We can communicate and work together on revisions - I'm very easy going! You getting what you need is the priority.

I have been a professional touring drummer for over a decade and have worked in bedroom studios and professional studios. Most recently, I worked with Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Counting Crows) and George Shilling (Bernard Butler, Billy Bragg) to produce my band Stornoway's latest release 'Bonxie' - check out my drumming on it! Although I was trained as a rock drummer, my years in a folk-indie band meant that I was often called upon to play in more orchestral ways and to acknowledge the gentler atmosphere that a song sometimes needs. I'm very versatile, with a love of music ranging from R&B, to Jazz, to Punk, and I have a great knowledge of all drumming styles.

I'm no stranger to deeply collaborative work so I'm happy to work through three revisions with you to settle on what you need. I can edit the raw tracks too, although I tend to work best by running new takes, adding additions as I go, as that's what comes naturally!

Let's work together!

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