High Quality Drum kit/Percussion track recording for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Jonathan Wills

High Quality Drum kit/Percussion track recording for $75

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I am Jonathan Wills, a professional drum kit player based in Hampshire (UK). Graduating with a music degree from the University of Surrey in 2003, I have over 17 years performing, recording and teaching experience. I have been fortunate enough to provide live or recorded drums in countless musical settings throughout the UK and Europe, as well as TV/Radio appearances.

Having completed a home studio build in 2020, I now have my own dedicated space from which to offer remote session recording. A permanent setup allows me to offer very cost effective recordings as there is no setup time or studio hire involved.

The final recording will include:
Stereo Overheads
Kick mic
Snare top
Snare bottom
Hi-hat mic
3 x Toms
Room mic
Additional tracks for Shakers/Tambourines etc

How does it work:

1) Get in touch!

Send me your guide track as well as any MIDI drum parts/drum tracks that you already have.

2) Recording

I will head into the studio and record the drum kit/percussion parts to your specification.

​3) Listen

Once I’ve recorded your drum kit/percussion tracks, I’ll send you an Mp3 mix of your track with my drums mixed in. At this point we can discuss any changes/amendments and I will provide up to 2 revisions at no extra cost.

4) Download

When you’re happy, I’ll send you an invoice. Shortly after you’ll receive a download link to download the high quality files. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to drag and drop them straight into your DAW and mix to your heart's content!

I'm very much looking forward to working on your project!

Recording/performing credits include:
24:7, Action Hank, Ain't Misbehavin', Alex Ball, The Badgers, Barcoda, Billy Irvine, Blue Jets, Caught in the Act, Claire Phoenix, Cuda Groove, D:Tunes, The DC Band, Everyday People, East Surrey Operatic Society (ESOS), Fake Teak, Firm Foundations Worship, Frisk, The Fully comprehensive covers band, The Funatics, In off the Red, Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra, Ivy Grove, The Jazz Collective, Jordan Brown, King Jehoshaphats Camel (KJC), Lisa Theunissen, Louise Parker, The Magictones, Mammoth Grooves, MIB, The Music works, The New Tones, New Wine worship, Pablo, Penny Fazackerley, Phil Edwards, Phil McKenzie, The Press, Resoundz, The Rube Goldberg machine, Save the last dance, Simon Allen, Soul Calibre, Sphere, The Rib Ticklers, Sunsoma, Super DBs, The Sutcliffe brothers, Viriditas, Wildwood.

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