Professional Performed + Mixed Midi Drums for $75

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Professional Performed + Mixed Midi Drums for $75


With over 18 years of live performance and studio experience, if you need a "Safe-bet" for a killer drum track, then keep reading.

These drums will be played using Midi software on a high-end Roland drum kit, (as sad as it is to not have a real kit), the benefits in this day and age can outweigh the downsides. Using BFD, Addictive drums, and more, plug-ins gives you control over sounds that simply do not exist with live-recorded drums, such as having the choice of over 1000 different drum kits. The drum samples used are all genuine drum kits, recorded by the world's best audio producers. Its difficult to beat.

You will receive your choice of individual stems, with a separate natural mic bleed, or a fully mixed drum track ready to go. It is advised you deal with stems should you wish to mix the drums yourself. If you would like the drums mixed as well that is included in the price.

A little about me:
"I have been playing in functions and supporting artists for the last 10 years on a multitude of instruments, but drums are where my talent lies.
I am also an accomplished producer that has had the honour to work on international advertisements and artist tracks, but that is not what I am selling today!
I can give you both the best drums for your track, and ensure that you are getting the best quality achievable in 2021. I have not been able to get my real kit set up where I am at the moment, but then I worked out that actually, instead of one kit I have access to thousands, and now so do you.
100% satisfaction guarantee.
Midi is seen as cheap and nasty, but the plugs ins I have purchased are worth about as much as my real kit. If you need a slightly deeper snare, booming toms, dull crashes or ripping rides, I've got them all, with a click of the button. And as much of an audiophile as you may be, in 2021, I challenge you to tell the difference."

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Gospel
  • Pop

Basic Rock Drums

Quick sample to demonstrate the rock side of kits available. Partial mix
  • Basic Rock Drums
  • Basic Midi Drums
  • Performance sample (DRY)

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