Drum Tracks for $60

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Drum Tracks for $60

Hi there. My name is Arthur Rossi. I am a drummer with over 35 years experience, both live and in studio, and well versed in many different styles of music. I have recorded in major and minor studios throughout New England, including Fort Apache, Celebration Sound, Sherwood Forest, Garage Mahal, Normandy and Mad Oak.

I am offering up my skills to provide you with quality drum tracks for your musical project. What you get is eight discrete tracks of raw drums in 24 bit wav files to edit, EQ and mix however you choose. They are configured as follows:

Overhead 1, Overhead 2, Kick, Snare, Piccolo Toms, Tom 1, Tom 2 and Tom 3.
If you choose to have a single overhead and a mic on the hi-hat, you may suggest that as an option.

You can hear samples of my work on Soundcloud by clicking on the 'AUDIO' button above.

Below is a rundown of my gear.
Tama Star Classic Maple drum kit. Various snare drums from Tama, Ludwig and Mapex.
Zildjian, Meinl and Wuhan cymbals. LP timbale and piccolo timbales (I use these as high concert toms).
LP cowbell and granite block.

My recording gear consists of Reaper DAW, Focusrite Safire Pro 40 eight channel firewire interface and a variety of mics from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG and Audio Technica.

With this you get 2 revisions and up to three takes.
Turn around depends on type of song and complexity. Your average tune I can deliver in a couple of days.
This allows me to listen and come up with something that compliments the feel of the song. The more time I have with it the better the performance will be.

What I need from you is a sample of the song with drums if possible like a rough mix. It can be a loop track. Just something for reference to get ideas and learn the structure. A non drum version of the song I can track to. The BPM and time signature to sync my metronome / click. The files for these can be Mp3. I can just drag them into the DAW as a ghost track. Lyrics can be a big help to feel out drum parts as well by focusing on mood.

That’s is it. I hope to hear from you.

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