I will perform, record and mix drums for your song. for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Aaron Farinelli

I will perform, record and mix drums for your song. for $100

What you get:
-2 Takes, Rough stereo mixed MP3 sample recordings within 24 hours of agreed starting date.
-3 Free Revision
-1 HQ stereo mixed track in WAV format.
-All multi-track stems in WAV format.

Project time frame: 5 days or less

I track using an Allen & Heath Qu 32 mixer/interface.
I use Logic Pro X DAW for audio production.

My drum recordings are typically, but not limited to, 10 tracks:
-Overhead Left (AEA N8 Ribbon Mic)
-Overhead Right (AEA N8 Ribbon Mic)
-Kick Reso-Side (AKG P400 Condenser Mic)
-Kick Batter-Side (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
-Kick Inside (Audix D6 Cardioid Dynamic Mic)
-Snare Top (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
-Snare Bottom (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
-Hi-Hat (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
-Tom Rack (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
-Tom Floor (Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic)
Additional drum and mic set-up options available upon request.

My gear:
-Yamaha Stage Custom (Birch/Mahogany) 12″,13″,16″
-Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (Brass) 6.5″x14″
-PDP/DW Concept Snare (Maple) 5.5″x14″
-Yamaha Stage Custom Snare (Steel) 5″x14″
-Gretsch Blackhawk Snare (Steel) 5″x8″
-Pearl Concert Toms (Fiberglass) 8″,10″
Evens/Remo Drum Heads: Clear, Coated & Synthetic Calfskin

-Istanbul Agop Om Series HiHats 15″
-Istanbul Agop Om Series Crash 18″
-Istanbul Agop Traditional Crash 18"
-Istanbul Agop Om Series Ride 22″
-Istanbul Agop Splash 10″
-Meinl Classics Series Ride 22″
-Zildjian A Series HiHats 14″
-Paiste 2002 Series Crash 18″
-Paiste Splash 8″
-Wuhan Crash 18″
-Wuhan China 20″
-Homemade Steel Cymbal 14″

-AEA N8 Ribbon Mics
-AEA N22 Ribbon Mics
-AKG P400 Condenser Mic
-Audix D6 Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Mic
-CAD Trion 7000 Dual Element Ribbon Mic
-Shure SM 57 Dynamic Mics
-Shure SM 58 Dynamic Mics
-Shure Beta 87A Supercardioid Condenser Mics

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