Drummer for $70

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Drummer for $70

I have been playing drums for nearly 20 years in various bands ranging from indie rock to funk to metal as well as function bands for weddings and parties. I also studied music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where I learnt other styles such as pop, jazz, blues, soul, latin and reggae. I can record either live drums or midi/sampled drums. For live drums I can deliver a multitrack fully mixed product or just the raw audio. For midi drums I can deliver the same or just the midi map. Prices vary from $70 for a single song to $350for an entire album/EP. Message me with any queeries. I can also record guitar and bass or mix and master an entire project and can offer deals if you want more parts recorded. Please see my other services.

  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Neo soul
  • R&B
  • Rock

Longdream - Longdream

  • Longdream - Longdream
  • Byron and the Opiates - Gold

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