Professional Drum Tracks for $100

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Professional Drum Tracks for $100

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm eager to help you achieve your goals by delivering a high quality product tailored to your song.

-Please send me your reference track in an mp3 file, If you have programmed drums, send me one mp3 with them in and one without.
-Also, please send me any drum references that you have, could be either a song, style of playing, a specific sound that you're looking for, everything helps!
-Once I get all the info, I will send a draft within 2 days and we can setup a meeting to discuss what you like, if you'd like to change anything and If that's the direction you're going for.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gear Inventory

* Drums
- Pearl Crystal Beat
- Tama Club Jam

* Snare Drums
- Pearl Maple Eric Singer Signature 14x6,5
- Gretsch Chrome Over Brass 14x5.5
- Gretsch 60's Round Badge 14x5
- Tama SPL Bubinga 14x6
-Tama Poplar 13x5
- Ludwig 60's Supraphonic 14x5
- Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6,5

* Cymbals
- Paiste
HH : 15” Modern Essentials
HH : Steve Jordan Signature Hats 17” Dark Energy / Sig Traditionals
Crash : 18” Masters Dark
Crash : 20” Modern Essentials
Ride : 20” Signature Traditional with 2 Brass Rivets
Ride : 22” Masters Dark
Multi : 20” Big Beat with 2 Steel Rivets
Multi : 24” Giant Beat with 3 Steel Rivets

- Zildjian
HH : 14” A Vintage 50’s
Crash : 16.5 A. Custom Special Release Crash
Crash : 18” Kerope
Ride : 20” Constantinople Renaissance
Ride : 22” Constantinople Medium Thin Low

A variety of SE Electronics, Shure and MXL.

- Yamaha EAD10
- Roland SPD SX
- Roland RT30HR Dual Trigger
- Roland RT30K Trigger

* Percussion
- Pearl Cabana Cajon

*Logic Pro X and Focusrite Interfaces

  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Country
  • Singer-Songwriter

Studio Sessions

Here is a sample of Esteban's past recordings
  • Studio Sessions

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