Acoustic Drumset & Percussion Tracking for $150

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Acoustic Drumset & Percussion Tracking for $150

Mike Gruwell is an Atlanta-area drummer with more than 35 years experience available for your next drum tracking session.

I am well versed in a wide range of music originally rooted in big band jazz and funk rock. I was previously based out of Seattle, and worked my way through original punk bands, jazz combos and churches in '80s. In the '90s I was a member of several original rock and funk bands until moving to Georgia in 1997. Since 2015, I have focused on writing and recording my own music as well as recording and tracking for others out of my home studio, GTown Studio.

GTown Studio has 2 full kit setups along with additional snares and cymbals that can be swapped in/out as needed. The main kit used for most recordings is a DW Custom and the other kit is a Rogers. Additional Percussion instruments include Djembe, Cajon, Mini-Darbuka and Rain Stick, along with other traditional percussion.

Current mics are Beyerdynamic, Earthworks, Shure and Audix, which route through Arturia preamps into ProTools. Finished session includes 8 tracks of acoustic drums and/or percussion.

My focus is on making your song sound the best it can with the additional drum set supporting role. I will get the feel, style and sound you need from the drums to help finish your song!

My most recent tracking work is for the rock group Wanus, out of Atlanta, as well as recording and releasing my own solo album. See more info on my past and current work on my web site OneDrummerDrumming.

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That GTown Sound

Mike Gruwell
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