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When I cut drums for an artist, I track into Pro Tools HD via 12 tracks. I have a love affair with awesome room mic placement. I capture the best raw sounds as possible through proven vintage gear. In return, you will receive the original Pro Tools drum tracking session, a stereo print of the drums from bar 1 beat 1, and (if needed) the individual stems for each track. The tracks I record are as follows (can be changed based on clients needs):
1-Kick In - Beta 52
2-Kick out - Rode Classic
3-Snare Top - sm57
4-Snare Bottom - sm57
5-High Hat - AT5100
6-Tom 1 - Sennhieser 421
7-Tom 2 - Sennhieser 421
8-Overhead High Hat -KSM44
9-Overhead Ride - KSM44
10-Ride - AT5100
11-Mono Front/Room - U87
12-Room - MXL990
*All tracks are captured in 24bit 48k resolution. (can be changed upon request)
*I can add or subtract microphone count/arrangement upon request

-Ludwig 1952 Maple Vintage Kit (20/12/16)
-Gretsch 2001 Maple Kit (22/10/12/14/16)
-Gretsch 2009 Birch Kit (22/12/16)

-Gretsch 14x5 Maple
-Yamaha 13x6.5 Steve Jordan
-Ludwig 14x5.5
-Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5
-Gretsch 14x5 Birch

-I use Zildjian and Dream cymbals. I have various sizes in each.

-Vintech 273 Preamp
-Golden Age Pre73
-Classic vp73 Preamp
-DBX 580 Preamp
-Chemeleon Labs 7720 Comp
-Joe Meek SC2.2 Stereo Comp
-Yamaha m1516 -- Modded into an API (Sounds super fat!)

-Shure KSM44 (Stereo Pair)
-Rode Classic
-Neumann U87
-Audio Technica 5100 (Stereo Pair)
-Shure SM7
-Beta 52
-Sennhieser 421 (x2)
-Shure 57 (Too many to count)

My live drum room is 700 square feet with a cedar ceiling and has been professionally treated for maximum acoustic response. I screen share via my macbook pro to my Pro Tools HD rig while I am tracking.

Jetty Bones
Adelee & Gentry
Jared Mahone
Carter Winter
Adam Saxe
Ryan Robinette
Angela Perley
This Love
Red Hot Revival
Jessica Baldwin
Live! Technologies
Josh Blankenberg
Derek Radcliff
Derek Dupont & The Wild
Set Audio
Rock City Church
Vital Companies
Josh Howard
Man On Foot
Carli Miller
One Tall Blonde
Anthony Mossburg
Josey The Rain God
Awful Nothings
James Jannetty
Kirk Williams
Wiksell Mallory Productions
Sega Genocide
Brat Curse
The Northwood Highs
Violent Kind
Matty Monk
Trae Meyers
Brooke Weirick
Miriam Isaac

28 Reviews

  1. Review By: mbarch May 26, 2019

    Really incredible, thank you so much!

    Here's the mix

  2. Review By: HomeRecorder May 3, 2019

    Jeff did a great job for me! I was so happy with the first take there was no need for revisions. Very communicative, patient, flexible -- and a very talented drummer! I highly recommend Jeff's services!

  3. Review By: DavidLucarelli Nov 12, 2018

    Great job. Great feel. I got exactly what I needed both in terms of the playing and the recording. I'll definitely be using Jeff again! No complaints.

  4. Review By: jonx Mar 24, 2018

    Jeff did a really great job-easy and professional-a great drummer who can really play to the song and has great instincts-thumbs up!

  5. Review By: danilomeola Jan 22, 2018

    With Jeff's drumming on my whole album it has been a Fantastic voyage!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  6. Review By: danilomeola Jan 9, 2018

    The only downside is that of all of my "Nad" tunes, there is only one more to go...
    for my next project (somewhere in the future), drums-wise I already do know who to call

  7. Review By: danilomeola Jan 9, 2018

    Jeff is a very talented musician. The right choice to hugely enhance the quality of your music.

  8. Review By: danilomeola Dec 13, 2017

    excellent as usual

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  9. Review By: danilomeola Dec 13, 2017

    as Sting sang live during "so lonely": "all made up and nowhere to go... welcome to the Jeff Martin show!"

  10. Review By: danilomeola Dec 13, 2017

    a good song becomes great with Jeff on the drums

  11. Review By: danilomeola Dec 13, 2017

    a drummer with an exceptional feel and vibe
    I say it again: no better drummer around for my music :-)

  12. Review By: danilomeola Dec 5, 2017

    absolutely stunning drums!!! another stellar performance by Jeff :-)

  13. Review By: danilomeola Oct 26, 2017

    very very very good work
    I appreciate more and more Jeff's collaboration
    highly recommended, indeed :-)

  14. Review By: EvanOxhorn Oct 25, 2017

    Great sound and playing, easy to work with!

  15. Review By: danilomeola Oct 25, 2017

    expectations matched and far beyond!!!

  16. Review By: danilomeola Oct 25, 2017

    Great Drummer!
    my concept album he is playing on is hugely enhanced by the high quality of his drumming

  17. Review By: byronlong Oct 24, 2017

    Sounded great! Thanks for the tracks.

  18. Review By: EvanOxhorn Sep 14, 2017

    Great performance and sound quality!

  19. Review By: Jupiter73 Jul 12, 2017

    Excellent takes, great skills , friendly communication and the sound is just perfect.
    Book a gig now!

  20. Review By: Jupiter73 Jul 12, 2017

    Jeff is a very creative, brilliant drummer, and can easily bring life to your tracks. The drums sound and recording techniques are top notch as well .
    Wonderful experience, highly recommended!

  21. Review By: gardenstatement Jun 27, 2017

    The tones and playing on the first take were exactly as requested. I highly recommend Jeff for any drumming needs!

  22. Review By: byronlong Jun 26, 2017

    Drums performance was great! Great drum sound!

  23. Review By: lrmusic Apr 21, 2017

    I was thrilled to get the chance to have Jeff do some last-minute drums tracking on a song that was added late on my album.
    One in a million Drummers, don't look no further!

  24. Review By: dcate3 Jan 11, 2017

    Excellent experience with Jeff. Needed a big rock sound for a project and he delivered. Will definitely use again!

  25. Review By: byronlong Dec 19, 2016

    Drums sounded awesome! Thanks Jeff!

  26. Review By: alexandroszou Oct 29, 2016

    If you're looking for a good rock drummer this guy is your man.

  27. Review By: lrmusic Oct 17, 2016

    For one of my songs Jeff did a loop too and that was very well done and fit the song perfectly.

  28. Review By: lrmusic Oct 17, 2016

    Very happy with the drum tracks on my 2 other songs that needed live drums!

  29. Review By: lrmusic Oct 10, 2016

    Jeff is not only a very skilled drummer he also understands songwriting and the dynamics inside a song. He is versatile and can play many different styles of music. The video he posted here shows him play a rock song but after request he sent me links of a wide variety of recordings he had played and produced and I was impressed. He did a fantastic job with my upbeat Sarah Bareilles-ish song. I am now hiring him for the other songs on my album that also need live drums. I highly recommend him!!!

  30. Review By: byronlong Sep 22, 2016

    Excellent work! Sounds great!!