Jammal Beatbox for $200

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Jammal Beatbox for $200

Need world class beatboxing for your album? My name is Jammal I am a beatboxer
and session artist from Hungary with more than 15 years of professional experience.
I play so many music style. Rap, Jazz, Funky, Soul, Fusion, World music, RnB, Electro Etc.

The Process:
Send us your track in an mp3 or wav file and let us know what the tempo is (bpm). Let us know any specific directions you have for us: style of playing, preferred gear, intensity, dynamics, drum tones, breaks, specific fills, or any other notes.

I use Audio-technika AE2500 microphone

If you have any question, please send a message.

Thanks for your interest

Mókus Feat. Jammal - Bolyongok

World music with beatbox
  • Mókus Feat. Jammal - Bolyongok
  • Király Viktor feat. Jammal
  • Gabó Acoustic feat. Jammal
  • Mókus feat. Jammal - Ima

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