Live drums & percussion composed and recorded for your songs. for $80

In Drums By Kamil Bartnik

Live drums & percussion composed and recorded for your songs. for $80

Need live drums on your song? Look no further. With years of recording experience in studios such as Rockfield and Church Studios, I'll work with you to create the desired drum part and sound for your music. Over the years I've played across many genres, so whatever it is you're after I'm confident that I can meet your high expectations.
Selected credits include Bloom Twins, Dani Sylvia, and George Five.

Music is a highly personal thing, so with that I'm happy to either have a chat or to be sent any references, direction, and any other general points. I like to record a couple of takes with the initial ideas that come to mind after this, and send it across to make sure we're on the same page before starting the full recording. Once completed, a second revision is available for any tweaks you may wish to make to the parts.

**I always provide a few comps that have differing drum fills and other embellishments so that you've more than enough to work with for the final product!

What you will receive:
- Drum parts written for your song(s) to best serve the intended sound/vibe/emotion
- Demo take as stereo bounce - to make sure we're on the same page (1st revision)
- High quality drum and percussion recordings (up to 16 channels), played in using a large selection of industry standard microphones and instruments (2nd revision)
- Raw WAV stems (24bit, 48khz) of drums & percussion (if needed or requested)
- A few drum fills, and general embellishment options as an extra.

Gretsch Broadkaster set (1956)
DW Classics Series set
14x6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty
14x5 Ludwig Acrolite (1970's)
14x6.5 Gretsch Broadkaster (1956)
14x6.5 Tama SLP G-Maple
10x6 Pearl Popcorn Snare
Huge selection of cymbals to suit your needs, and any style of music.
Large, acoustically treated live room for recording.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface with Octopre (16 channels)
Large selection of dynamic, and condenser microphones

Solo Drums Medley

A few examples of different feels from a recent session
  • Solo Drums Medley
  • Chilled Groove
  • Rock
  • Latin Pop

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