Professional Drum tracks by Oriol "iol" Cases for $60

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Oriol "iol" Cases

Professional Drum tracks by Oriol "iol" Cases for $60

Beautiful drum tracks with a vintage drum kits.
Very nice sound!
I'm a drummer and music producer.
I'm from Barcelona.
Contact me!


Ludwig Super Classic Blue Oyster Blue Pearl (70’s)
Premier Soundwave (70’s).
Sonor Sclass
and more..


Rogers Dynasonic 14″x6,5″
Lugwig Supraphonic 14"x5'5"
Premier Black laquer 14″x7,5″
Yamaha Black Steel 14″x5,5″
Sonor Sclass 14″x4″
Pearl NN 14″x6″
Ludwig Piccolo 13″x3″
Sonor Jungle 10″x2″


Ride Turkish Milenium 20″
Ride Zildjian Avedi’s 20″ (70’s)
Pink Ride Zildjian 20″
Hi-hat Zildjian K 14″
Hi-hat Turkish Clasic Rock 13″
Hi-hat Turkish Traditional Mini 10″
Hi hat 16″
Full Crash Paiste Signature 18″
Fast Crash Zildjian Avedis 17″
Crash Sforzando 17″
Crash Sforzando 15″
Istanbul Splash Turkish 10″
Trash Istanbul 16″

And varius percussion instrument.


-Logic Pro X
-Ableton Live
-Slate Digital (plugins mix software)
-Apogee Ensemble
-SPL Mixdream XP

Mics: Shure, Oktava, Senheiser, Rhode...

Pre's: Audient, Apogee, GAP.

About me:

Oriol Casas i Griera, “Iol”.

Drummer and producer.
Composer of electronic music and soundtracks.

Drummer of various bands like, Drums & Organ Corcs, Oest Trip, Gerard Quintana “Intocables” and Rah-mon Roma. I open the Jazz Jam in El Teler (Sabadell) once a week. I have been part of bands like Batzak, Pomada, La Carrau, Conxita … And I have collaborated and I still collaborate with various artists and formations like: Joan Boada, Nando Caballero, Llongue, Borja Penalba and Mireia Vives, Cia. De Paper, William Taylor, Girona’s Great Christmas Circus, Jaume Ibars, Dani Landry, Aleix Creus, Cisket Creus Groove Band …

In the studio I have made productions and / or recordings of very different artists and soundtracks for documentaries or spots. (see Portfolio web

I have acted as a live technician for various bands such as Pomada, Rauxa and Dúmbala Canalla.

I will be happy to work together on your next project!
Any questions, contact me and we'll talk.


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