Multi-track Drum Recording/Programming for $75

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Multi-track Drum Recording/Programming for $75

My name is Donal McCruden and I'm a professional musician based out of Glasgow, Scotland. I have been playing drums for nearly 20 years and have plenty of experience recording in studios and creating authentic, inspiring drum recordings. Whatever genre you play I'm sure I can bring something fresh and exciting to your music.

What you will get from me is 8 tracks of audio including:
- Kick (AKG D112)
- Snare Top (Shure SM57)
- Snare Bottom (RV6)
- Rack Tom (SM57)
- Floor Tom (SM57)
- Overhead and Right (Zoom Stereo Condenser Mic)
- Mono Room - RV6

I offer 2 revisions to what I send you to make sure you're 100% happy.
Just send me a stereo file (mp3/WAV etc) with the bpm and I will take it from there. Basic demos are great if its just acoustic guitar/piano and vocals thats perfect.

If I feel that the song needs some programmed drums/percussion I will talk to you about adding this in as well.

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