Drum recording for your songs for $25

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Drum recording for your songs for $25

Hello, I’m Damiano Santucci, a drummer and percussionist based in Italy. I graduated in Classical percussions and also in Jazz drums at the Giuseppe Martucci Conservatoire in Salerno.
Home studio composed of Imac computers with Logic pro x, focusrite 18/20 and Motu 8pre ecc. recording with up to 16 tracks, as needed. microphones used bass drum AKG D112, snare drum Shure SM57, Ton and floor tom Behringer, panoramic AKG C1000. I provide separate audio tracks with and without mixing,
my drums: Tamburo Formula Bass drum 22x18 Tom 10x8 12x9. Floor tom 14x14
Pearl all Maple shel (Prestige custom 8500 MLX) Bass drum 22x16. Tom 10x9 12x10 13x11 Floor tom 16x16.
Snare Drums: Pearl Free floating brass 14x3.5 - 14x6.5 with copper shells. Tamburo Formula 14x5.5.
Cymbals Zildjian and Ufip.
Roland SPD-SX.
full availability I will work until the work is to your liking

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