Drum Tracking for $200

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Drum Tracking for $200

Drum Tracking for One Song. Drums recorded at Schoolhouse Studios in Orlando, FL with a 1965 Ludwig Club Date Drum Kit, an assortment of Zildjian Cymbals and different Snare Drums (Allegra, Ludwig, Leedy, etc...). A light percussion track can be added as well upon prior negotiation. Please, feel free to send reference tracks so I can fully understand the character of the track and the drum parts to be recorded.

With a career of over 10 years, I've been a part of major events such as the "World Youth Day" in 2013, performing for over 3 million people at Copacabana Beach and at the reopening of Beira-Rio Stadium for the World Cup in 2014, performing for over 50.000 people, as well as recording with great artists such as the Brazilian pop-folk duo Anavitoria on their 2019 Latin Grammy winning album "O Tempo e Agora", Brazilian pop-folk trio Melim on their double-platinum self-titled debut album "Melim", Brazilian singer Zanna on her album "Zanna", nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2017, and with Portuguese singer Raquel Tavares on her double-platinum album "Roberto Carlos por Raquel Tavares". I've also worked with Globo Television network, recording and performing in a number of telenovelas, series e TV specials, summing up almost 1000 recordings.

Good Love Is On The Way (Acoustic)

  • Good Love Is On The Way (Acoustic)
  • Pure Narcotic (Acoustic)
  • The Dying Of The Light (Acoustic)
  • Times Like These (Acoustic)

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