Professional Drum & Percussion Remote Tracks for $125

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Brian Christopher Mendes

Professional Drum & Percussion Remote Tracks for $125

I now offer online remote drum tracks to Producers, Artists, and bands all around the globe. You can be anywhere in the world and I can provide you with exactly what you want sonically without the cost of booking a studio or the hassle of scheduling the time.
From Singer/Songwriter, to Rock, Neo-Soul, Country, Pop R&B, Hip-Hop, and Heavy Metal, I can provide you with the appropriate tones and parts for the album, E.P., individual song, or movie score at hand.

I have several acoustic drum kits to choose from. They may be configured into different set ups for the appropriate style of music along with a variety of snare drums. I also have available triggered acoustic sampled kits and snares. What this means is, I play my acoustic kit and replace the acoustic kit waveforms with the sampled waveforms, expanding our kit options to others like a Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit, a Leedy & Ludwig kit, a Sonor Phonic kit, a DW Collectors Series kit, a Ludwig kit, a Tama Starclassic kit, or a Pearl Reference kit and more. This also includes snare drums that can be replaced with the all-time classic Ludwig Black Beauty, or a Tama Bell Brass and the list goes on. Rest assured, your sonic needs are covered.

Sabian Cymbals:
15" Manhattan Groove Hi Hats
17" Pargon Crash, 17" Metal Crash used as Hi Hats
18" Sick Hats
20" Hand Hammered Medium Thin Crash
22" Paragon Crash
22" Vanguard Crash
21" Vanguard Crash
24" King Ride
24" Artisan Medium Ride
24" APX Ride
24" Bash/Crash Ride

Warm Audio Mics:
2) WA-251 overheads
WA-84 Hi Hat
WA-47jr external kick mic

Sennheiser Mics:
2) Sennheiser e604 on rack toms
2) Sennheiser e602 on floor toms

Heil Mic:
PR-48 internal mic

I can record anywhere from 1 mic to 16 mic drum recordings depending on the nature of the material and vibe being achieved.

I will send you an mp3 of the session for your feedback or approval and when you're completely satisfied, I will send you the unmixed individual stems as wav files.

What I'll need from you is the track in mp3 form without drums. You can also provide the same track with drums if you have a demo idea as a reference.
The BPM of the song
An Idea of what kind of beat you have in mind which also includes any parts in the song that might need different approaches accordingly.
It's also important that we chat about the mood and movement of the song to accurately match the drums to the concept of the song.

1-5 songs will take 2 days, if more additional time will be needed

  • Blues
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

Everybody Wanna Do The Don't

  • Everybody Wanna Do The Don't
  • Down In The Hole
  • Out Of The Blue
  • Because I Couldn't Have You
  • Tourmelaine

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