I record and mix professional drum tracks for your song for $100

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I record and mix professional drum tracks for your song for $100

I guarantee a well recorded and mixed drum track but the main thing I will do is: serving the music itself.

What I offer:
- Quality recordings:
I record in my home studio with pro microphones and interface. Moreover, I like to be as perfectionist as possible, to make sure I deliver the best drum tracks to you.

- Constant communication:
This is one of the most important steps in a successful collaboration. If you deliver a couple of reference tracks I know what style you are looking for.

- Fast delivery:
Depending on the number of tracks you want I can deliver them in 1 week.

-3 reviews per song:
Let's face it we can't all make home runs in music-making, i'll give the opting to give 3 revisions of the song so you get the best drum tracks possible for your song.

-I offer also unlimited pre-recordings (Recordings without processing or basic processing) and if you are happy with the "vibe" we can go to the review with mixed drums the way you want it

- Software:
I use studio one as main daw and have other options do to sound design.

I also use the best world-class analog emulation from slate digital in order to get the best mixdown for your song.

I am at your service, so please feel free to contact me for more information, and together, we can work to make your music sound great!

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This client wanted to have drums at the ending of his song with a solo.
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