Professional Drum Recording including an ONLINE SESSION and WORLD CLASS Audio Stems Great Reviews. for $175

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Dennis Pedersen

Professional Drum Recording including an ONLINE SESSION and WORLD CLASS Audio Stems Great Reviews. for $175

I'm a grammy nominated session drummer & musician, based in Denmark, where I record Premium-Quality multitrack drums for songwriters, bands, and producers from all around the world.

- High-Quality drum tracks for one song(Raw files with no processing)
- A Live session via Skype, so you can hear me play before recording.
- We'll work on the song until you're 100% satisfied.

- It's possible to get a mixed stereo file of my drums for an additional cost. I only use high-quality hardware compressors, EQ's and reverbs in my mixing chain.
- Video recording of my performance for an additional cost, if you want to make a documentary or a music video. You will get two different angles.

I’ve been in the music industry for many years and I have two masters from the Academy of Music in Denmark, which very few people in Denmark have done.
I’m not only a drummer, but also a classical percussionist, composer, arranger, piano player, and bandleader in various professional musical shows, so I have a broad knowledge of many music styles.

Communication is a key element when you´re recording. In a “real” recording situation, a producer and a drummer will communicate a lot throughout a recording session. That's why I offer a free skype session, so you can hear and see me play before I record your song. This will lead to a much better end result.

1. Get in touch
Contact me on my email. In this email, you’ll describe the project and what ideas you have regarding the drums. Please attach a demo of your song. It doesn’t have to be of world-class quality. It’s just to give me an idea of what to play.

2. Skype
We’ll meet on Skype, where I’ll play the song(s) for you. Please feel free to give me your comments and ideas. When you´re 100% satisfied, I’ll record your tracks after our Skype session. The Skype session is optional, but I strongly advise you to use it.

3. Recording
After I have recorded the drums/percussion tracks, I’ll send you an mp3 mix of your song with my drums. Here you can give me your comments, and I can make any changes you want until you´re 100% happy.

4. Download
When you’re 100% happy, I´ll send you a download link, where you can download all your High-quality drum files. Just drag and drop the files into your DAW and you´re ready to mix.

NB! A song length of max 6 min. I will add additional costs to songs, more than 6 minutes long.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Soul

Raw Drum Sound

This is a clip where you can hear my raw drum files, without any processing.
  • Raw Drum Sound

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