I'm a grammy nominated session drummer & musician, based in Denmark, where I record High-quality multitrack drums for songwriters, bands, and producers from all around the world.

So why choose me?
I’ve been in the music industry for many years and I have two masters from the Academy of Music in Denmark, which very few people in Denmark have done.
I’m not only a drummer, but also a classical percussionist, composer, arranger, piano player, and bandleader in various professional musical shows, so I have a broad knowledge in many music styles.

I also do something I haven’t seen other online drum recordings do, that’s online video sessions through Skype.
Communication is a key element when you´re recording. In a “real” recording situation, a producer and a drummer will communicate a lot throughout a recording session, hopefully leading to a creative and inspiring end result. A lot of nuances will be lost if you only mail or talk before an online drumming session.
I have made a Skype set up so that you’ll be able to see and hear what I’m playing and we can talk together, and so that it almost feels like we’re in the same recording studio.

I take a lot of pride in being a musician, which is why I always try to deliver a 100% performance every time. Reliability, being on time and fast communication is also very important for me.