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I am offering a fully equipped drum recording studio, including myself as a drummer. Get professional drum tracks recorded for your music individually easely.
Send me your stems or a stereo file without or with programmed drums, plus guidelines if necessary.
All drum tracks can be recorded at 44.1kHz or 48kHz and with 16Bit or 24Bit.
I will record and send you up to 8 channel tracks max, recorded with Logic Pro X. I’ll send WAV files (raw and/or mixed) of every mic for use in your session.

Drum Gear: Gretsch USA Maple Custom / Gretsch Catalina Club Mahogany / AT Drums Bass Drum / Tama Silverstar Birch / Gretsch Brass Snare / AT Drums Maple Snare / Vintage Meazzi Hollywood Snare / Tamburo Formula 10" Snare / Sabian cymbals / Zildjian Costantinople Cymbals / Diril Cymbals / Bosphorus Cymbals / Ufip Cymbals / Meinl Cymbals / Meinl Cajon and more.

Recording Gear: Motu 8pre / Art Preamp 2 ch. / Audix D6 / Shure Beta 52 a / Shure sm 58 / Shure sm 58 Beta a / Shure sm 57 / Sennheiser e 835 / Sontronics STC-1S Matched Pair / Sontronics DM-1S / Sennheiser MD421 vintage / TBone Ribbon Mics/ Audio-Technica AT2020 / DIY Sub-Kick / Izotope ozone 9 Plugin / Logic Pro X DAW and many more

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I look forward to working with you!

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