Awesome Drums On YOUR Music - Fast! for $110

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Stijn van Rijsbergen

Awesome Drums On YOUR Music - Fast! for $110

Helping your songs reach their full potential is my favorite thing in the world :)
I work as both a session/touring musician and as part of my own bands - and I love both worlds!
These past years I've toured all over Europe with folk/reggae/pop act Jack & The Weatherman (25M streams), played 150+ shows and made 2 albums with pop/rock star Lucas Hamming, recorded drums (+ often all other instruments!) for acts ranging from LOUD Rock through Roots/Folk to Electronic Pop, and played live in countless styles with countless acts - from Hendrix tributes to Live-Karaoke Bands and everything in between.

In my professional studio in The Netherlands, I record drums in full 10+ mic glory; from crystal clear mic preamps through analog tube EQ's & compressors into Pro Tools.
With - among others - my trusty & insanely versatile Ludwig Black Beauty snare, on my round&warm vintage Slingerland or my punchy modern Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute, I can get a very wide range of sounds; even BEFORE my producer/mixer skills come into play ;).

For 110 USD, you get:
-2 versions of a drum part; one 'normal' and one 'wildcard' - so you can choose; or EDIT your favorite parts together!
-These 2 versions as mixed Stereo .wav files,
-These 2 versions as separate unmixed tracks
-And a redo, if both of these aren't to your liking!

Atlas II - 'The Lake'

Pop - Ambient - Groove - Drums - Steve Gadd
  • Atlas II - 'The Lake'
  • Daniel Cane - 'Wolves (They Howl No More)'
  • PEACEKEEPER - 'Heaven And All'
  • Lucas Hamming - 'Never Let You Down'

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