Studio Quality Drums for $110

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Kyle May

Studio Quality Drums for $110

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmie Allen, Matt Stell, Runaway June, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelsea Ballerini, April Kry, Brandon Lay, Seth Alley, Old Dominion, Carlton Anderson, Clay Walker, Kaleb Lee, Abby Anderson, Michael Ray

About Kyle:
I am a session drummer, producer, and engineer based out of Nashville, TN. I have a state of the art home studio and will record high quality drum tracks for your song! All I need is an mp3 or wav of your song with any instruction and I will deliver tracks to you within 1-3 days.

About This Gig:
$75 Per Song (5 min or less)
-You will receive individual tracks and a stereo mix within 1-3 days of request.
-Please send .wav or mp3 of track w/o drums (feel free to include a drum guide track).
-I'm most comfortable with the genres of pop, country, and singer/songwriter.
-Recording to a metronome is preferred.

Gretsch Broadkaster Drum Kit
Gretsch USA Custom Drum Kit 
Craviotto Ash Snare (the go-to snare) 
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (the other go-to snare) 
Ludwig Acrolite Snare (classic dry sound) 
Pearl Masters Maple Snare (super low and dead for the perfect "buzz" sound) 
Gretsch Maple Snare w/ Walnut Hoops (awesome "crack" for pop/country) 
Vintage Wood-hooped snare (has a great, dirty, wide open ring) 
Meinl Byzance Cymbals 
Zildjian Cymbals 
Sabian Cymbals

1. Kick in (beta 52)
2. Kick out (miktek c7)
3. Snare Top Dynamic (sE7)
4. Snare Top Condenser (neumann km84)
5. Snare btm (neumann km84)
6. Snare Side (sm57)
7. hat (akg451)
8. tom 1 (414 b-uls)
9. tom 2 (414 b-uls)
10-11. ORTF Overheads (miktek cv4s)
12-13. Spaced Overheads (miktek c7s)
13-14. Rooms (Coles 4038s)
15. Squash (AEA R84)

More Gear:
Macbook Pro
ProTools Ultimate DAW
Lynx Aurora Conversion
BAE, Neve, Midas, API, Focusrite ISA, and Manley Preamps
Eve, Neumann, and KRK Speakers & Grace Designs Monitoring
Outboard EQs and Compressors
Neumann, Coles, AEA, Miktek, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, & more microphones
UAD, Waves, and Soundtoys plugins

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  • Americana
  • Singer-Songwriter

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