Studio Recording: Drum Kit, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, Pop, Soul & RnB Percussion. for $130

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Studio Recording: Drum Kit, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, Pop, Soul & RnB Percussion. for $130

Microphone List

2 x Nude Rectangular ribbon microphones
2 x CAD M179
1 x Neuman TLM 103
4 x Samson Co2
5 x Shure Beta 98
1 x Shure Beta 91
3 x Shure SM75
2 x Shure SM58
1 x HQ Low Frequency: Sub Kick

Focusrite 'The Liquid Channel'
Zoom TAC-8
Roland Duo-Capture EX

Compressor: Focusrite 'The Liquid Channel'
EQ: Focusrite 'The Liquid Channel'
DI's: 2 x Avalon U5

The Recording Space:
Dimensions: 5m x 5m
Carpeted room, completely sound-treated with top-level acoustic treatment for a warm tone with minimal reverb.

Logic Pro X

Revisions: Up to three revisions although I require notice within 48 hours of receiving the recorded stems.

I require: As much information about the project/song as possible and what you are after if you have any specific requirements. Please also include any technical requirements (recording settings,
Additional requirements: I will require the project file or stems (including click track if you have one) you are working with.

Price: For $130USD I will record for you up to 5 different percussion parts, or the drum kit part for a single song. If you are looking for tracks to be recorded for more than five songs then we can discuss a package deal.

Final Product: After the tracks have been recorded and I have cleaned up any sections that require more attention, you will receive the stems in your choice of format.

Discography (Artist – Album)
• The Ghetto Cabaret Orchestra – Introducing The Ghetto Cabaret
Orchestra (2018)
• ClavèMania – Mandela (2016)
• Jade Kerber – Square One (2016)
• Michael Lazurus (Puerto Rico) – Zen (2016)
• Bongeziwe Mabandla - (2016)
• Simon Kennedy – (2016)
• Tom Wiggins – (2016)
• James Fox Higgins – 1975 (2015)
• Cacao – Cacao (2013)
• Orulas Crew – Alas Negras (2011)

The studio itself with me as the producer and or session artist has been commissioned hundreds of times.

Feel free to communicate with me prior to booking if you would like more information.
- Any and all styles are welcome.

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