High Quality Drum and Percussion Tracking | Any Genre |. - Fast Turnaround for $120

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Jack Beddis

High Quality Drum and Percussion Tracking | Any Genre |. - Fast Turnaround for $120

Around 24 hour delivery of first take, unless stated to client before order is placed.

Recent Credits include - Calum Scott (Capitol Records), James TW (Island Records), Jodie Marie (Decca Records) + more.

Jack’s strengths as a drummer lie in his ability to feel the music, and to concentrate on what not to play; his focus being to make the artist or band he is playing with, sound the best they can be.

Jack has the ability to adapt to any music style required. As a freelance session drummer, he plays with many different artists and bands, doing shows, festivals and radio sessions on drums and backing vocals around the UK. He covers genres as diverse as Alt-folk and Ska-Punk to Country, Jump-Jive, Jazz, Blues, Soul and even Musical Theatre.

Monitoring -
12" Tannoy Golds

Microphones -
Earthworks SR25 x 2
Gefell M70
AKG D112
Sennhieser 421
Telefunken M80
Shure SM57 x2
Shure Sm58 x2
Shure SM7b
Aston Spirit
EV N/D468 x2

Drums Kits -
Ludwig Super Classic (1966) 22x14 13x9 16x16
Rogers Holiday (1960's) 20x14 12x8 13x9 16x16
Ludwig Black Anniversary Sparkle (1950′s) 20×14 13×9 16×16
Yamaha Club Custom 20x14 10x7 12x8 14x13 16x15

Snare Drums -
Ludwig Black Beauty Hammered Bronze 14x5.5
Ludwig 400 (1964) 14x5.5
Craviotto Limited Edition Mahogany 14x5.5
Noble and Cooley Alloy 14x6.5
Noble and Cooley Alloy 14x5.5
Noble and Cooley Horizon 14x7
Noble and Cooley Horizon 13x3.5
Joe Montineri Custom 14x5
Yamaha Piccalo copper shell 14x3
Spaun Custom - 13x5.5 (Acrylic)

Cymbals -
Large Assortment of Zildjian, Some as old as 1920's right through to current day!

Percussion -
Assortment of LP / Meinl / GonBop handheld percussion.

‘Jack recently came in to Mwnci to play the tubs on a session. He smashed out the 8 songs with zero rhythmical incident. Awesome player, great feel and all the shiny gear. An engineers dream!' - Jethro Chaplin, Mwnci Studio

'For anyone considering using Jack, for recording or live work, I'd whole heartily recommend him. Jack is extremely focused on his drumming, is easy to get on with and will do whatever you ask of him very quickly. When recording Jack you were always confident that his kit would sound superb and his drumming style would complement your music. I was always impressed with how dedicated Jack was to his instrument and have absolutely no doubt he'd be an asset to any session.' - Jon Constantine, Leeders Vale Studio.

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